Wednesday, March 17, 2010

USD/MXN 17/Mar/2010

USD/MXN daily chart reveals no signs of trend exhausting yet, RSI still to pierce the oversold area and roc flat at the below cero level, today’s support set over the Chikou Japanese level at 12.47 level.
USD/MXN Price testing the 12.47 level continuing with the overall bearish trend, pullbacks yielded by lateral oscillators warned us of correction upwards back to the 12.50 level (mid Bollinger) MACD still bearish and stochastic sensitivity increasing to mild price movements, we can expect downward to continue towards the 12.46 level.

USD/CLP 17/Mar/2010

CLP on the hourly intra day study, upward trading channel getting narrower with price testing 527 level and responding to mild correction movements back to the 75% 524 anticipated by the Stochs and RSI, bullish trend gaining momentum we can expect this to continue, next intra day resistance: 527.

CLP Price testing the upper cloud resistance at 529.11 and Japanese oscillators aiming to take a bullish crossover while MACD has done so just on the cero level, RSI pushing upward and momentum at cero % level, bullish behaviour with next resistance to break at the 38.2% level of 531.33

USD/BRL 17/Mar/2010

BRL Long term daily Study, shows a trading period followed after the main bearish trend price floating between the 1.7548 and 1.7672. Downward movement gaining momentum and RSI still with terrain to push downward without overselling, next support to break is the 1.75 level.

USD/COP 17/03/2010

Bearish divergence on the RSI, formation on the candles suggest an upward piercing pattern supported by a positive MACD forest next resistance to break set at the 1,904 Fibo 61.8% retracement, we can expect the corrective upward to start retracing at the 1,897 and aim towards an 1,887 price level.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

USD/MXN 10/MAR/2010

USD/MXN Hourly intra day studies show further downward movement on today's bearish trend, price break through the 61% Fibo level fast stoch’s on hourly oversold and and a firm bearish RSI today’s first trading day support at the 12.5900

USD/MXN Price testing the 0% Fibo barrier, no signs yet of any trend reversal

Monday, March 8, 2010

EUR/USD 08-Mar-2010

EUR/USD long term daily study show no strong evidence of reversal on the bearish trend, wide gap among tenkan and kinjun, Doji pattern on the slight upward correction warning of a possible bullish corrective shooting star, lets wait for the next candle to confirm as the weak buying signals occur on the MACD oscillators and RSI, today resistance set at Kinjun’s 1.3730

EUR/USD Horly Study verifys of a downtrend correction after last three days upswing, hourly non-legged doji at today's lowest 61.8% of fibo level warns us of an upward movement for today as the sotch’s made their second dip on the oversold area, todays trandign band setted at 1.3600 -1.3680, we can expect to back to the 80 level in the next few hours.


USD/MXN Long term daily observation Study: trend movements running out exhaust for today, long-legged Doji forming today warning us for missed of validation on the bearish trend as it losses momentum but keep the oscillators strong in the trend direction.

USD/MXN Intra day hourly Study: Mild ipward correction price movement as the stoch’s yield on the bullish side and an RSI shows positive skewed, price testing the 23.6% fibo level at 12.63 and pushing to the 12.65, resistance for today set at 12.67 level